The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge 1999

In September each year 40 masochists gather together for the annual race across the Simpson Desert. Their only reward is the glory of having competed…..and of course the piss up at the Birdsville Pub. We’ve been there and done it several times. Here are some photos from 1999.

Purni Bore to Birdsville via the Simpson Desert. 587k, 800 sand dunes.

Official Website:

The start of the race is at Purni Bore on the western side of the Simpson Desert. Held in September every year.

2 comments on “The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge 1999

  1. Hi,
    I did this event with you in 1999. I was the old Kiwi guy with a red Cannondale full suspension bike. Still riding but a bit slower as I am now going on 81. Have been asked to talk about it at a special event here in Opotiki, New Zealand. I only got 3 or 4 decent pictures and I am wondering if you could help me out. I need to display some on a TV screen.
    Many thanks,
    Denis Lindesay

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