Ecuador – land of volcanoes

Colombia is a hard act to follow in bike touring terms … but although Ecuador is small in size it sure delivers some big highs. As some fellow cyclists said “if you flattened Ecuador out it would be the size of Canada!’ Yep … that pretty much sums it up. Riding some of the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route also exposed us to an amazing variety of scenery, road conditions and indigenous groups. Add some historic colonial towns and cities and you have one awesome bike ride. Only problem was that a month just wasn’t long enough …

13 comments on “Video: Ecuador – land of volcanoes

  1. I second what Bob said. Truely Epic!!! Your videos are fantastic. May have to look into that Mtn bike trail in Ecuador. Cool.

  2. Question? Did you take the singletracks version or the dirt road version? I see these are the two options. If you did the singletrack route you two are Badasses. Guess we already know that though. ?

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