Southern Mexico and Central America – Out of the frying pan and into the sauna

It’s been a while since the last video update after we lost a couple of months of video when our external hard drive failed. We continue from the Paso de Cortes just out of Mexico City, where we decided to head via Oaxaca to the Pacific Coast … which served as a useful reminder that we definitely prefer the mountains to the bonkers temperature and humidity of the lowlands. Eventually there was no escaping the build up of heat and humidity as storm clouds started to threaten and the first wet season downpour arrived while we were on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua … given that we are soaked in sweat by around 7am anyway, the rain does rinse us off, and provides a welcome respite from the heat – at least for now ….

7 comments on “Video: Southern Mexico and Central America

  1. Another wonderful video. Great music selection. I thought you might adopt the pig as a pet. Ha ha. Glad to see you using your upper body for a change with the nice kayak trip. Fun. So enjoy all your updates. Cheers.

  2. Love it, love it, love it.
    Oh it brings back such memories. I recognise so much of it. Lago Atitlan. Ometepe. The wind farms.
    I think I see a shot of you guys leaving Finca Canas Castilla just inside the Costa Rican border.. owned by a Swiss couple? You don’t really get a sense from the video of the intense heat.. but we all struggled with it. You’ll be loving getting into the cooler mountains of South America. Looking forward to following that journey too.
    Hola from Melbourne.

  3. Love it !! Love to follow you make me happy to watch you enjoy your life in full !! Have fun and keep posting !! So good to see :)

  4. great video !! Love to follow you make me happy to watch you enjoy your life in full !! Have fun and keep posting !! So good to see :)

  5. Good thing there is no voice. A couple of times early in the video I am sure I saw Gaye mouth, “Why don’t you put that selfie stick where the sun don”t shine?”

    Just finished curry for dinner and we had your video for dessert. Just as good as ‘The Book of Mormon’ we saw last weekend in Melbourne which was outstanding.

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