13 comments on “Video: To the Arctic (Dalton Hwy)

  1. Wow, that looked very tough. Beautiful scenery but very tough. I hope you’ve had a chance to dry out and warm up.

    1. Yep, I don’t do cold very well so found that hard. Glad we made the effort though and all thawed out now! – Gaye

  2. Great Vid!!! thanks for sharing Gaye and Ed… miss you both… lots of love.. Benjamin, Millie moo, Shana and Me :)

  3. What an incredible journey so far. But you’ve only just arrived at the start. Turn around and you have the whole of the Americas before you! Epic.

  4. Very cool! More of these please. Not much traffic for a highway but what we did see looked awful large. The tent scene with the snow made the kids think that you’re the toughest Aunty and uncle out there??.

  5. Watched this again today. Man that was one tough ride in the elements. You’ll remember that forever.

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