Utah & Arizona – Seeing Red

We’ve always wanted to see some of the red rock and wild west country of southern Utah and northern Arizona. So with time to spare we consulted the map and planned a loop that included Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, plus some dirt road exploration in the Kaibab Forest, Cottonwood Canyon and along the Burr Trail. With much of this route in the 1500 – 2700m elevation range, we crossed our fingers for continued good weather and headed east …

10 comments on “Video: Utah & Arizona – Seeing Red

  1. Ed and Gaye we are so enjoying following you and it would have been so wonderful to see you in AZ. Oh well. Your videos are just amazing. Have the next wonderful adventure in the beautiful Baja. We have a friend that lives in San Jose del Cabo and if you want I can pass along his info to you. Great person. Best wishes to you both for a continued safe and fun trip.

  2. We are enjoying your photos and videos from this amazing adventure you are having! Meeting you in Zion National Park was so fun for us. You are doing something we can’t even imagine! We hope you catch up with warmer weather soon and that you continue to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

    Jensen Family

  3. It really was red! And spectacular! Great video. Looking forward to the videos of youse eating burritos, drinking tequilas and swallowing whole jalapeño chillis.

  4. Hope you can have a day off for your birthday Gaye and put your feet up. Listen up Ed! we are amazed at your progress and all the details and pictures. hey are great! Lots of love to you both.

    Mel and Betty


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