4 comments on “Video: Alaska – thank you and farewell ….

  1. Great to see the video. Good to see you have managed get some walks down. Both looking well. Safe travels. All good here.

  2. Oh crap, that looks like so much fun. You both look 10 years younger – even with a beard Ed. Strange. You two are so bad for motivation to keep working. Arrrghhh..

    It’s been pissing rain here for what feels like a few months. Been riding in the rain most mornings. I’ll take the snow in Alaska any time.

    Enjoy. (but not too much)

    P.S. Arrrgggh…

    1. Work? What is this thing? Strange how fast you forget …..
      Alaska is awesome – highly recommended despite temperatures.
      Pretty rainy here too past week or so, bit over it, some sunshine would be nice. Hoping for clear skies once we reach the Rockies in a few days …

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