Mendoza to Salta

Northern Argentina

Chapter 6

After getting rained on heavily in southern Chile we decided to bus north to Mendoza in northern Argentina.
A fresh change with sunny skies every day and quiet roads.
The road north from Mendoza travels through arid lands with open landscapes skirting alongside the Andes. We were soon into cactus country featuring the amazing Candelabra Cactus in abundance.
We teamed up with Rob, an English cyclist who has been 2 years on the road riding around the world.
We have seen some amazing mountain scenery and rock formations plus lots of interesting villages and adobe houses.
We´ve arrived in Salta for a couple of days rest (after some very strenuous climbing and rough roads) before heading up towards the Bolivian border and then turning around and heading back towards Buenos Aires.

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  1. Hi you two, wow this brings memories flooding back. How are you both? Hope all is well with you. I’m in london working hard all summer and still travelling in the winter.

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