Peru part 1 – Ain’t no mountain high enough

Peru – we knew that we were in for some tough riding, and we were hopeful that we’d also get to experience some of those famous Andean peaks – mountains draped with glaciers and cradling glistening alpine lakes.  And maybe also see some indigenous culture, a llama or two and perhaps even chow into the odd guinea pig or alpaca steak.  And yes, so far the country has delivered all this and much, much more ….

11 comments on “Video: Peru part 1 – Ain’t no mountain high enough

  1. Looks like you might need to invest in some real rope for pulling your bikes up through the rocky bits!! Fantastic to see you so excited about the snow :)

  2. Ed I love your videos and I love Gaye’s photo and words that accompany it. You two are crazy, adventurous, humorous, humble, dedicated, and just two amazing people.
    Keep those smiles going. You are almost at the end.

    1. Thanks Debbie, we really appreciate your comments. Less than six months to go now … looking forward to the sand & saltlakes of Bolivia (& a little less ‘up’!)

    1. Thanks Dewey, hard to believe that it’s a year now since we were with you & Bonnie in Bend – happy times!

  3. Love it! You too are so strong! Up and over those snowy and rocky mountain passes, wow! You sure earned that Alpaca steak ;) Enjoy Cusco!

  4. Hey Gaye and Ed, I’ve just been to a bike film festival and they’re looking for new entries for next year. String all your videos together and you’d have something just as, or even more, epic than anything I saw at the cycle chics movie night. Contact Brett Cotter. He’s a Kiwi and super enthusiastic about bikes and adventures.

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