Salta to Buenos Aires

Gaye and the Capyburras
Gaye and the Capyburras

We have arrived back in Buenos Aires just in time for the New Year celebrations.
Previously, after leaving Salta we headed towards the Bolivian border to see some spectacular mountain scenery and historic towns.
We were tempted to continue on to Bolivia with our new found touring mate Robert but our return flight out of Buenos Aires pulled us back.
We headed south east across Argentina through the Chaco region and the Impenetrables. It meant a couple of weeks of riding along dead flat, dead straight Route 16. Very hot and humid plus some headwinds to boot…very good for our character.
Soon enough we were back in the eastern part of Argentina and in the big river area. We camped by rivers with sandy beaches and headed south crossing into Uruguay for Christmas and a bit of a change.

The long flat road across Argentina

Finally we stopped in Colonia (Uruguay) with it´s lovely historic buildings and touristy kind of persona. From here it was a short hop on the ferry across to Buenos Aires and the end of our trip.
We packed our bikes away(not sure if sad or happy) and sorted ourselves out for our exit from Argentina after 3 months here.


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