Bolivia – Blown away

Sun, sand and salt – a slice of heaven, or a serving of hell?  The Bolivian altiplano was unforgettable … a vast, windswept region of rugged roads and abandoned buildings, volcanos and lakes, flamingos and vicunas, pastel hued landscapes, snowcapped mountains and thermal springs…. and the sparkling white expanse of the salars – the famed high altitude salt lakes of Bolivia’s south-west ….

6 comments on “Video: Bolivia – Blown away

  1. Tanya says, “It’s just a spin out really.”

    I watched the slideshow first and thought the music you would choose would be a death march! Your choice was better

    We’re eating mince tarts – thought I would just throw that in so know wheat you are missing out on

    Great start to the video, they get better all the time.

    1. Aww thanks guys & Tilly. A bit tongue in cheek the ‘Slice of Heaven’ – I wasn’t thinking that positively after being blown off the bike (twice) then pushing uphill in the sand at about 2kph… but hey, it looks good on camera!

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