USA – Sierra Nevadas

South of Crater Lake, it was over the border and into California.
There were ups and downs as we criss crossed the High Sierras reaching a high point at Tioga Pass and the entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Legs aching, we finally turned east across Death Valley and rolled into Las Vegas, surely here we could find the pizza we’d been craving….

8 comments on “Video: USA – Sierra Nevadas

  1. Looking pretty amazing as always. Equally impressed with the perfect GoPro selfie angles and the scenery. Getting tired yet?

    1. Thanks Mr Hulk. The cutting room floor is knee deep in discarded footage but luckily Ed takes LOTS of movies.
      Tired – yes, very much so at the moment. Feeling some pressure to get past the higher elevations at Monument Valley/South Rim where the threat of snow is ever increasing. Then we can bolt for the border & collapse on a beach down the Baja Peninsula …

  2. Ed and Gaye your videos are amazing. I so enjoy the updates. We are in Tucson now and it would be so cool to meet you in Phoenix when you come through. Have a continued fun and safe trip. Cheers.

  3. We ran into you in Bridgeport CA in September. Glad to see you made it over Tioga Pass and across Death Valley. Enjoy “Sin City” and safe travels through the southwest and into Mexico. Loved the video!
    Bob H.

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