Having jumped the Darien Gap from Panama across to Colombia it was time to leave the lowlands behind and head for the mountains ….. Despite the efforts of the Australian Government’s travel bulletin to scare us on to a bus straight out of the country, we found Colombia to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries we have visited.  And so it was a ride that was all about Colombiano culture, cowboys, coffee and climbing, LOTS of climbing ……

7 comments on “Video: Colombia

  1. Fantastic video! Love Van Morrison!
    Have you been able to keep track of your total vertical feet or meters on this epic ride?
    We can see why Colombian bike racers are such great climbers and probably horse handlers too?
    Safe travels

    1. Hi Bob
      We’ve been logging all our distance and climbing using a Garmin GPS. Haven’t added it all up yet but we clocked about 35,000m in Ecuador alone in one month. Ecuador is a bit exceptional though. We’ll publish total climbing metres one day.

  2. Another great video. Love love it. I want to know did that truck make it around that corner on that scary narrow road? Yikes. ?Awesome you guys.

    1. Yes the truck made it….very slowly around the corner. The truck was on a road called ‘The Trampoline of Death’ in southern Colombia. There are frequent memorial crosses along the road for those who went over the side. Not so scary on a bike though.

  3. Watching your videos make for a fantastic escape from writing maths tests! You must be legends at carving out your own your own space on those narrow roads by now. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Geez, looks like all the riding has been good for Ed. Looks lean and mean – I am guessing he has has muscles in his poo by now. Great music and vid. Tanya says Gay always looks good and nice haircut. Tony says we can’t let Gay into Australia with that flag, we already have a Kiwi as the Deputy Prime Minister.

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